Geleceğin Ranza Dizaynı

Bunk beds seem to be a standard choice especially for the children’s rooms. It’s a great solution in these cases. They occupy little space or at least less than two separate beds would and they also have playful designs. Bunky is one of those friendly creations. The Bunky beds were designed by Marc Newson in 2011 for Magis. The bed is part of the Me Too Collection. It was designed for children keeping in mind their needs and expectations. Bunky has a child-friendly design. It has curved lines, soft corners, a compact shape, a playful design and it even seems to be part of a cartoon. It’s the perfect choice for children’s rooms.
Geleceğin Ranza Dizaynı 2
Bunky is a set of two stackable bunk beds for children. Each bed offers the privacy that each kid needs and it also makes the users feel safe thanks to the bed’s compact and simple design. Bunky is both safe and fun. It’s a place where kids can have fun and play and then enjoy a good night sleep. The children are free to play, climb, hide and sleep in these beds. Bunky is based on a simple and modular design. It’s made from only four pieces that can be easily assembles. It’s made from rotational-moulded polyethylene. It has a sturdy construction, it’s secure and safe.
Geleceğin Ranza Dizaynı 3
Bunky has no sharp edges. All the surfaces are smooth and the materials used to build it are highly durable and easy to clean. It will be extremely difficult to destroy something like this and I’m sure the kids will have fun trying. The perforations under the mattresses of the beds allow for ventilation. Bunky also comes as a child’s single bed, featuring the same friendly design.

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